Analysis and optimization of the production cycle

Analysis and optimization of the production cycle using appropriate Times and Methods systems.


 The work carried out avails of the following study and analysis phases:

  • Analysis and rationalization of each production phase and drawing up of the operational procedures, fundamental for the setting up of a Quality System. They describe the best work method with accuracy, stressing the improvements in comparison with the already existing method. In the detection of the best method, the worker's safety will be guaranteed, minimizing at the same time his efforts that will be evaluated analytically. In the end a training activity of the production workers and of the Department Managers will take place.

  • System analysis and rationalization. Times and methods. The standard production times are analysed on sample with the help of deeply-rooted time analysis techniques. The firm receives the necessary instruments to continue autonomously with the correct time estimate and with the continuous critical evaluation of the work methods.

  • Study of the work stations for a higher productivity, raw materials savings, ergonomics of the work place, energy saving. We analyse the employed machinery, from the simplest to the most complex ones, evaluating the effective efficiency and economic advantage connected with their use.

  • Study of the effective utilization efficiency of the direct and indirect human resources. On the basis of the results of the Times and Methods study, the work "rhythm" in the production cycle is calculated, detecting also factors that may be: methodological and of product flow, physical and environmental, "climatic", and possible causes of non respect of the foreseen production parameters.