Store analysis and inter-operational buffers

Store analysis and inter-operational buffers through statistical and mathematic approaches.

The work done is based on the following study and analysis phases:

Through statistical and mathematic approaches, beyond the verifications in the firm prolonged for a sufficient examination period, the present dimensions of the stocking areas for raw materials and semi-finished product are examined. 

In such a way the effectiveness in the use of these areas can be examined and optimised in the perspective of an adequate policy of procurement management and of an efficient production planning. Specific studies on the loading units and stocking technologies, such as shelvings, lift trucks, automated stores, are carried out as well. The evaluation is done through diagrams illustrating the dynamics of the store handling and the handling value/frequency. A better use of the available room and a reduction of the stocks will reduce both the amounts of the sunk capital and the management costs. Through the application of statistical and provisional methods, well known to the logistics experts, the we will detect the reinstatement levels that are such to allow a stock security degree, but minimizing at the same time the sunk capital.